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Friday, February 27, 2009

Brave Mantora in eye of the Australian Bushfire


“Why don’t you take the help of Nonee?” Indian expert suggested the Australian delegates.

“Nonee, you mean Mantora?” Australian delegates asked question in reply of question.

“Yes, Mantora. She has done great job in forest fire management. Allow her chopper to you country and she will try her best to manage bush fire.” Indian expert replied.

“Why not our chopper? Is anything special in her chopper?” Australian delegates asked.

“Yes, Everything is special with Mantora. You must take her services.” Indian expert said.


Mantora took an aerial view of burning forest to locate eye of the fire and then landed her chopper without any hesitation. Australian rescue agencies raised the alarm and within no time rescue choppers were encircling the spot where Mantora’s chopper was landed. “Fire, fire and fire, nothing else. We have lost Mantora.” Pilot of rescue chopper cried. Remote satellite operators tried to focus on eye of the fire carefully. They found water vapor cloud in the spot. It was unusual. Very soon they can see Mantora’s chopper in the eye with no fire. “How it is possible? Where is Mantora? See her body lying on ground----------------

[Excerpts from Science Fiction titled “Brave Mantora in eye of the Australian Bushfire.
”Author: Pankaj Oudhia, SOPAM, Raipur, India. 2009]

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