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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brave Mantora, a terror queen for terrorists

“Hi Mantora. Are you ready for action? Where is your commando team? Let me explain the situation. There are at least 30 terrorists inside this village. They are using villagers as human shield. There is no shortage of ammunition. They have enough to continue war up to six months. Our forces have cordoned off the village but hesitating to enter.” Force chief Surendra briefed.

“Please arrange five commandoes with Lathis? There were terrorists inside the village. Now we are terrorists. It’s our chance to terrorize them. Let’s rock the village.” Mantora said.

“Only Lathis? Are you joking? How Lathis will manage AK-47?” Surendra lost his patience.

“I have cleared every thing through our C machine before starting for this mission. Now there is no ammunition inside village. Only we know it, not the terrorists. So, it’s their turn to face surprise.” Mantora replied and-----

[Excerpts from Science Fiction titled “Brave Mantora, a terror queen for terrorists.” Author: Pankaj Oudhia, SOPAM, Raipur, India. 2009]

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  1. अवधिया जी, क्‍या इसे हिंदी मैं भी प्रस्‍तुत करने का इरादा है ?

    - आनंद